EpicTrack is useful for anyone who is interested in tracking content produced by or pertaining to a brand or a publisher.

Use it to track:

Content: It covers all content created by a brand and its content destinations. Tracking all content for a brand or publisher helps in identifying key insights pertaining to their content. Details like the social channels that work best, ideal content formats and types that perform well, text-based insights, as well as top authors and domains are covered under EpicTrack's own content analysis.

Mentions: It covers all mentions received by a brand and its affiliates over a period of time. Tracking mentions for a brand help ascertain its perception in the market and the level of impact thereof. Insights such as number of mentions, executive mentions, sentiment analysis of mentions as well as top authors and domains help determine the third-party champions of the brand.

Watchlists: Watchlists are made up of brands or publishers that are considered thought-leaders or are sources of inspiration in your industry. Once configured, they provide inspirational guidance regarding what topics work, content formats and types that are successful and other text based insights that guide content creation.