To add a brand's Mention Track, log in to your Epictions account using your username and password.

1. Click on Configure and select "Tracks" from the resulting dropdown.

2. Click on "Create A Mention Track".

3. Name your stream and enter the brand name as it would appear in any earned mention in the media.

4. Include all possible product names, company and subsidiary names that are covered under the gamut of your own earned media mention. Include any names of senior management or top executives who are covered in the media as well. 

5. Add your own domain and content channels so that content can be excluded from them. Once you have added all the relevant channels and content destinations pertaining to the brand, click on "Save Track" to save your progress.

Set up barely takes minutes and content is added to your track almost instantaneously. Once you've added all details and verified it for accuracy, click on the stream and start exploring right away!