Every like or favourite and its equivalent on other networks, falls under the purview of applause. Read more about it here.


Content alerts ensure that you get notified about content published by or about a brand based on the frequency you choose. Alerts can be set up for your own brand or for competitor’s content.


Earned content stream


All the mentions received by your brand across websites appear under the Earned content stream. Mentions are further characterised by prominence to indicate the impact that they could have for your brand. Executive and exclusive mentions are captured as well.

Exclusive mention

An exclusive mention occurs when your brand is the only one referred to in a content piece that has been published by a third party on a content destination that is not owned by your brand.

Executive mention

An executive mention is when a piece of content published about you by a third party mentions someone from your senior management or leadership team.


Every third party reference to your brand in content destinations that are not your own, is termed as a mention.

Owned content stream

All the content published by a brand in order to promote your business, products, and services appears under the Owned content stream. You can configure owned content streams for your own brand, competition or any other brand you would like to monitor.


Prominent mention

Prominence is indicative of the level of importance your brand has received in a piece of content that mentions it. Prominence is calculated on the basis on a number of factors such as number of times your brand is mentioned, placement of the mention etc.




Sentiment analysis captures the overall tone of the content with regards to the brand .


A stream is a set of channels, keywords, or other sources of data that you'd want EpicTrack to base all its tracking and analytics on. There are three different kinds of streams that EpicTrack lets you configure: Owned, Earned, and Topic.

Topic stream

Topic streams allow you to monitor interesting themes, trends or brands in your industry. They are largely inspirational in nature and are targeted towards uncovering interesting themes that you could use while developing your own content strategy.